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The Children's Hour partners with One Community Auto to accept vehicle donations. 


One Community Auto's unique approach to car donation is able to generate more money by refurbishing your donated vehicle, then selling it at their used-car retail lot in Albuquerque. Most other automobile donation services will just send your vehicle directly to an auction, where it will probably only sell for pennies on the dollar. One Community Auto is different. They will work to get the best possible tax deduction for you by maximizing your car's value, and generating as much money as they can for The Children's Hour.


If your car is wrecked or won't start, that's OK! One Community Auto will accept anything on wheels, running or not. Even if the vehicle is totaled, you might consider buying it back from the insurance company and donating it to charity. Car donations, truck donations, van donations, bus donations, RV donations, boat donations, ATV donations, motorcycle donations, or any other vehicle donations, they will accept just about anything. A vehicle that you consider a junk car can still help the mission of The Children's Hour.


If you still have questions, please feel free to contact One Community Auto's friendly staff!


Please tell us about the vehicle you are thinking of donating by using the form below. You can also call One Community Auto if you prefer, at 505-901-9510.

Vehicle Donation Form

Thank you! We'll be in touch!

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