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One Community Auto creates a win-win-win situation by saving your vehicle from the junkyard. When possible, we refurbish it and sell it on our retail lot in southeast Albuquerque. This approach gives you the highest deduction possible and results in more money to your favorite local charity! It also provides affordable transportation options for New Mexicans in the market for a reliable used car.

What can I donate?

You can donate your car, truck, van, RV, trailer, motorcycle, boat, personal watercraft, and more. If it has wheels, we can help. We will accept wrecked vehicles as well. Even if your insurance company has totaled them out, we can still help your charity.

Why choose us?

We use a different approach to car donations. We refurbish your vehicle and then sell it on our retail lot when possible. Other services just send cars to auction, where they only receive pennies on the dollar for your vehicle. This approach not only gives you a larger tax deduction but also generates more money for your charity. Typically we garner more than the scrap yard or other auctions. We care about your old set of wheels and will do our best to get the most money for your generous donation.

How do I donate?

Go to our "Donate Your Car" page. Then complete the form. If you prefer, you can call us at 505-901-9510.

What paperwork is necessary?

You will need the title to the vehicle. We'll bring you all of the MVD forms necessary. We will also provide you with a donation receipt when we pick up your vehicle.



Do I need to go to the DMV?

No, we'll save you the trouble and take care of that for you.


What if I don't have the title?

We can usually get a duplicate for you. Please call our office at 505-901-9510 to discuss your specific situation.

Does my vehicle have to be running?

No, we will accept vehicles that are running or not.



My vehicle was in an accident. Will you still take it?

Yes, no problem. Check to see if you have the option to repurchase it from the insurance company. It may only cost you a few bucks to buy it back, but it can still be sold to help your favorite charity.



Does my car have to be currently registered?

No. We just need a clear title.



When will you pick up my vehicle?

We can pick it up from basically any location. Usually, it will be picked up either the same day or the next day following your contact with us. Let us know if you need a "rush" pick-up so that we can work with you.



What happens to my vehicle after you pick it up?

If possible, your vehicle will be refurbished and sold at our retail location in southeast Albuquerque. We prefer to sell your car at our dealership to maximize your deduction, as well as the amount going to your charity.



How much can I write off on my taxes?

It's always best to contact your tax professional regarding this question. Typically you can deduct the amount for which the vehicle sells. We make it our priority to maximize the amount for you. Typical vehicle donation programs would just send your car to auction. We try our best to give your vehicle a new life vs. sending it to the junkyard.

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